New Oromo Dictionary App for Smart Phones

Remember when it used to be thought by some elites that Afaan Oromo would break a radio? Well, it never did, and it never will!


The Oromo Dictionary is happy to announce that it is releasing the first of its kind: FREE beta version of the Oromo Dictionary Application for Android Operating System (OS) based smart phones and tablets; otherwise known as the Oromo Dictionary App. It is not only a dictionary, but it also helps Afaan Oromo become a part of the world’s languages.

It works for all Android OS based smart phones and tablets, such as Google Nexus, HTC, LG, SAMSUNG and many others.


Dowload the Oromo Dictionary App for Free from here

Oromo Dictionary App is now under your finger tips: If you want to learn Afaan Oromo or English, or you want to extend your knowledge, then the Oromo Dictionary is the ideal tool to help you understand and communicate. The Oromo Dictionary Apptranslates Oromo to English or English to Oromo. It delivers reference contents from site. The Oromo Dictionary App is easy to use and helps you auto-complete as you type the first few characters of Afaan Oromo or English words.

The Oromo Dictionary Application can be downloaded and installed to the Android phones from Google Market. Go to:

Available in Android Market Oromo Dictionary for more detail.


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